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Ever seen a short-heighted person? A dwarf? Normally we see and feel pity on the person with an abnormal height due to some growth hormonal defects. Well, the tallest people aren't perfect either...

But here’s a story of a dwarf that we can envy! Peter Hayden Dinklage perhaps the coolest & the most popular dwarf on planet earth currently.

An American actor & Film Producer. But how can a 4 ft’5 person achieve such enormously?  A perfect example of what expressing the talent and not feeling embarrassed of what you are can make you achieve.

He is the perfect example of achieveing what common people would think of as being impossible. One thing is forsure, Peter Dinklage wouldn’t have reached the heights that he have if he wasn’t a ‘’dwarf.’’ Because that is what sets this guy apart. Born in New Jersey and with the will to display his talent at a very early age, Peter started acting when he was a 5th grader, yes you hear that correctly. 5TH GRADER!


Peter Dinklage on Seinfeld as Wake-up Guy James - The Wink (1995) (S07E04)



Having done many movies and producing a few nothing has brought him more fame & accolades than the HBO TV show series  "GAME OF THRONES" winning Emmy awards twice for being the best supporting acting in a drama series.

Not only this but TYRION LANNISTER character has brought to be the highest paid actor on television in this year 2017! Talk about achievement.

Born with achrondoplasia and starting from the scratch with a low-bidget movie starring who would’ve thought that he’ll end up being the first person being casted in the Tv-show that will gain the highest popularity.

It’s just unbelievable how this little fellow has absolutely mesmerized the audience with his captivating blue eyes, amazing presence & witty character.  His dialogue delivery has been pin point perfect! 

Once speaking in an interview, Peter expressed that due to his condition it was difficult for him to accept and at adolescence he was quite an angry person but later realized that only sense of humor is what is required at an adult level and you’ll reach the sky!

Not only this but this little fellow is married and has a daughter too. For his bad boy-yet good boy character in Geoge RR Martin series of Games of Thrones Tyrion became the most popular character to be going across the globe!

Being the only dwarf in the family is never easy and Dinklage has always credited his family for the upbringing because according to him it helped him in accepting the fact early in his life and allowed him to focus on bigger goals.

In the most popular TV show as mentioned above, the small Lord from the Westeros , A lannister had a few dialogues that are considered to be quotes spoken commonly by people across the world.

Peter Dinklage sets up the perfect example of setting up your own bars without considering the obstacles and finding a way out.

Not only this but silencing the critics and all those who made fun of his short height are now shorter in the status stature. There maybe majority taller than the little fellow but his talent, his hardwork, his struggle and his work sets his status much taller than the majority and his accolades are a perfect example of it.  Although Game of Thrones is what he has brought fame to, The ‘stationwork’ in 2003 was the major breakthrough in Peter’s life.



Another unique thing that is known about him is the fact that he avoids doing any sorts of Fairy tale or Magical characters because he thinks people of his sizes is what fantasizes people more and he surely doesn’t approve of that.

Already a star, the little dwarf life-story and work is exemplary and yes writing all this I surely am a huge ‘TYRION LANNISTER’ Fan. 


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