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Trailer: Does my Dog know what I’m thinking?



Beautifully put together the Dog-Human relationship that has thrived now for over thousands of years. Human-canine bonding has been famously known to exist with high success rate. The video is enthralling and beautifully exhibits the dog-human relationship and how distinctive this relationship is by displaying several ways of communication. 

It covers all the aspects from the intelligence difference of a few dogs to the different researches that explain the ways how dog understands the emotions behind what a human being says him/her. 

‘Chaser’ astonishingly understands what the person asks her to choose and by identifying the emotion in the tone and finds out the meaning very wisely regarding what he demands from her. This aspect shows that a few dogs are much better in interpreting the words by what researches have explained by distinctively understanding the emotions.

On the other hand, ‘Oliver’ is a dog who gets what the person wants him to do but he doesn’t get the exact words which is why he always gets the ball even though the person at times wants him to go for the bone. This expresses the difference in the ability of interpretation. 

 Vice versa, another aspect covered is the way a human interprets what a dog wants. The anger ‘’bark’’ is much easier to understand because of that fierceness & emotional expression in that bark. After which the desire of the dog to go for a walk is shown and is quite easily understandable . But several times it gets difficult to know what a dog requires which is also shown with a strange bark.

Another brilliantly shown example is of the horse Hans in the history, the point made of the animal focusing on the tone of the person/trainer and deciding the correct answer on their reaction shows that a wise animal e.g a dog or a horse doesn’t know English or mathematics they feel, sense & act according to the demand which in itself is a complex yet fascinating phenomena. What makes us know that the animal (Dog) is happy, fearful , angry, hungry? It is our innate/inborn ability as per the most accepted theory put forward uptil now. But if we think about it, the emotions in the noise is also that we sense because we don’t understand what they say but that doesn’t mean people can’t talk to animals.

As shown perfectly in the video, talking to dogs is possible if you have developed a good bonding with them, they start feeling you and getting what you need from them or what you require from them. This relationship of a dog-human has evolved over the years and is considered to be the most loyal of all. Our canine companions affect us in a surprising amount of ways, from boosting our immune systems to staving off dementia. With everything that dogs have done for us, there is no question why they have been nicknamed as the ‘’man’s best friend.’’  

Another unique fact is that even after the evolution of a dog from being a wolf, it is the only animal that can look into our eyes and astoundingly according a famous research it evokes the same hormonal response as looking towards a baby. Researchwork has been strong on this relationship and has also shown us the fact that how having dog as a pet can have a huge major impact on the life and developmental growth of a child.






According to a special research, the impact of a dog on a child has shown that the child growing up with a dog is known to be more empathic & disease free than  a child growing up with a dog-less life. Hence, living and growing up with a dog can fill up the feeling of a loneliness in a person and can also have a therapeutic sense not only for children but also for adults and more importantly aid the development of several social skills.The relationship is special and looks well set to continue for years to come! 

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