La La Land

by imovdb on May 4, 2017, 10:36 am

La La Land

La La Land was the big hit of last year’s christmas releases. It is now a most famous and well known movie, Damien Chazelle really made it big with this one. But did La La Land have a nice start? Has everything been so glamoroust for the art-filled movie? Well there’s actually a very simple way to answer that, No.

But we will cover that in a moment, first let’s talk a little about what is La La Land and why was it such a big hit. Getting to the top of most Academy Award nominations, with 14 of them.


la la Land


And being the first musical to archieve so, even though in the end it “only” earned six of them. Including Best Director, making Chazelle the youngest winner of this award, the Best Actress in a Leading role award for Emma Stone and winning, for a moment at least, the award for Best Picture.

It also won more Golden Globe Awards than any other movie by winning seven out of the seven it was nominated for Icould appear to be a simple, cliche filled love story.

The struggling actress meets the struggling musician, and they fight together and support each other to make their dreams come true, and of course a little bit of spoilers so spoiler alert, until an unexpected turn of events leads them to part ways in order to follow their dreams.

Very cliché right? Well that’s exactly  the idea, bring back the classic story, bring the dreams back. Everything in La La Land is carefully thought to bring the old movie feel without making it look old on purpose, it is the rebirth of the genre.


la la land movie


In a world full of movies that act as as social justice media, where many movies seem to be successful just because they get into controversial themes, La La Land is successful because it got into the magical themes. Bringing back a new nostalgia. As simple as it is, it gets to your heart, with some amazing music numbers and original songs. La La Land is trying to bring back the “simple” magic in the movies, making it an enjoyable experience.


La La Land’s script got turned down by various production companies.The original script was in fact ready before Chazelle released his other hit Whiplash. Thanks to the success in every way that Whiplash turned out to be was that La La Land finally found a home. Even the casting had it rough. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were not the first options to play Mia and Sebastian, and they were first offered to Emma Watson and Miles Teller, but both turned them down.



la la land movie



However it is still a beautiful movie, with lovely visuals and story. It’s one of those movies that will be in our hearts for a long time. A story about love and dedications, dreams and art. An ode to remind us that dreams do come true, only that sometimes they do in unexpected ways, so keep on dreaming!