The Founder, or how the hamburger became America

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The Founder, or how the hamburger became America

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McDonald’s is probably the most well-known name in the world, at leat for a restaurant. It is said that about 1% of the world's population eats McDonald's each day. Being in over 120 countries surely is not an easy task to accomplish. But, just how those golden M came to be across the world, and how did the hamburger became the international american food? Well that’s what this movie is all about.


The Founder tells the story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) created, not from nothing, the McDonalds empire. How does one man come up with such a big idea you may ask? Well, he didn’t. The original McDonald’s started in 1940 with the brothers Dick & Mac McDonald (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch), as they started a small fast service restaurant with one thing in mind, efficiency. Kroc however saw this business as an opportunity, the american dream. The name and the golden arcs are what McDonald’s all about. So he came up with the idea of expanding, thinking big he acted big. However some changes needed to be made, so he took the tough choices and ended up with an entire empire we all know.


Michael Keaton made an incredible job playing this role, you could really feel the person, not a character. The documentary per se is ver informative, entertaining and it’s not your average everyday documentary. The main character Kroc, can be seen as either a hero or a villain, as some, or most actually, of his choices could be considered “mean”, or at least morally ambiguous. One thing’s for certain, he did what he had to do to build his empire. The artwork is actually very subtle but notable enough to let us know the year and make us feel back at that time, from the 50’s.


The Founder is another interesting take on how the company business transform people, or may as well be how the people change the business. It’s a story of succes, that takes many defeats. As Kroc himself says, it’s all about persistency and determination. Tu put in a final wor, you should definetely check this movie out. It’s a most entertaining and actually educational way to learn and understand some of the secrets behind one of America’s biggest hits, and you’ll probably want to take a burger with you to watch the movie, good for you that now it is available on BluRay and DVD, sou yan can stop by one of the few McDonalds on your way home and get yourself a hamburger and maybe some fries and check it out!


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